Interesting Facts about the History of Domain Names

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Each day, thousands of websites go online. Companies such as GoDaddy have made it very easy to own a website in a short time. With a simple GoDaddy promo code, one can have their website up and running in no time. With most GoDaddy promo codes being only a few cents, one can only expect the number of websites and domain names to go up. However, way before such facilities became easily available, a lot happened to the present moment as we shall see here.

Symbolics had the first .com domain

The Symbolics Computer Corporation was the first company to register a .com domain name. It made the registration on the 15th of March 1985. We all know that the .com domain name is the most popular with internet users. Most websites have this name and today, one can easily have their own with a GoDaddy coupon in hand at very low price. The domain has been made available for use by all people so that everyone can make use of it. If you were to get your own godaddy promo code, it will be a breeze before you have your own website running and secure from hackers.

The Soviet Union domain is still available

The Soviet Union was dismantled in 1991. However, it had already created a .su domain which is still operational today. Anyone can have the .su domain using the many godaddy promo codes. Having a godaddy coupon will enable you have your own Soviet Union domain at a very low cost. There are many websites that have been registered in this domain name as it offers a level of uniqueness that other domain names cannot find with ease. There are no signs of this domain being closed down any time soon.

Most domains only allow 63 characters

No matter what GoDaddy promo code you have, the domain name for your site cannot go beyond 63 characters. These characters are a combination of numbers and letters thus making it possible to write a whole sentence as your domain name. This is the standard for most domain names be they for a country or other organization. Be sure that the name of your new website will fit into the space allowed since most do not go even behind 10 characters. There is no lower limit to this domain name.

Most domain names are just 11 characters long

As stated earlier on, the most common number of characters in the domain names is around 10. It has now been confirmed to be just 11 characters long. Not just that, it has also been confirmed that most domain names begin with the letter ‘s’. It could be because most words in English have the letter ‘s’ as the starting letter. And most websites are just the names of the websites and thus making it easy to make a guess of the names of the domains. was registered on a Valentine’s Day

Before YouTube became known as YouTube, it was called Universal Tube & Rollform Equipment. It was such a mouthful to start with. However, the company’s domain was prone to crashes and thus the company would create on the 14th of February 2005 for sharing videos for all parties. You too can register your own video sharing site using GoDaddy coupon or GoDaddy promo code at very low price. Although it will take you some time to beat YouTube, you will still have your own site for videos. was bought for $35 million

Brian Sharples, the owner of HomeAway, bought this domain name for a whole 35 million dollars which set the record for the most expensive domain name in history. While having the 99 cent GoDaddy domain coupon code will allow you have your own domain for little less than a dollar, this one was so highly sought after that the original owner made a killing for its sale. Rather than going the Sharples way and spending a fortune on a domain name, get a GoDaddy 99 cent and make yours for around a dollar. You never know, maybe one day yours will sell for much more.

All domains have been taken

If you plan to register any website with an ‘a’ as your name, then you are in for a rude shock. All domains with this letter have been taken already. All of them from a single ‘a’ to 63 ‘a’s. If you try to register a website with any number of letter ‘a’, you will receive the message that the name has been taken all the way to the end. One would only wonder why anyone would register a website with 63 ‘a’s. What would that website be dealing with? Music maybe. was supposed to be

Well, thanks to the spelling error made by Sergey Brin and Larry Page, became Many people wonder how the name Google came about. However, the name was supposed to be Googol which is the value of the number one followed by a hundred zeros. Thanks to the error, Google was typed in when the search for a website domain was being made. Although they made the error, they were happy to go with it. After all, as long as they are the source of everything we want, who wants to know what they meant?


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