10 Tips to Create the Perfect Password

Passwords are required by any account you will have online be it an email address, online store or other service. However, it has become the norm that passwords are easily guessed or cracked by hackers who then have a field day with your data. We all know what happens when we have hackers in our accounts. However, if you want to save yourself the pain of going through being hacked, you can follow the following steps to stay safe.

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How to create perfect password Password generators

Using a password generator has become the best method to go about creating passwords for different websites and online accounts without confusing them or making them similar to one another. For example, password generators such as the iCloud Keychain allow you to create passwords then avail them for all your devices to log in to the website of choice without needing to know the actual password. The generators create passwords that are unique and very difficult to crack as they are not derivations of any name hence cannot be easily resisted to the person in question.

  1. Reversing the name of the website

This trick works by making sure that each site you visit will have its own unique password. Better yet, reversing the name of the website will allow you create a very strong password. Imagine writing Facebook in reverse then replacing all the possible letters with numbers then adding special characters. You will have one hell of a password to deal with.

  1. Use your favorite sayings

Let us assume you have a favorite saying such as money never sleeps. Such a quote can be turned into a very powerful password. Just make it a single word then replace some letters with numbers and add a few special characters to make it solid. No one knows what your favorite quote is and thus it will not be an easy task to guess such a password. Keep it simple and easy to remember for yourself.

  1. Add special characters or numbers at the end

When you add a number or special character after your password, it becomes almost impossible to guess it. Let us say we have a simple password like johnsmith. Guessing such a password only requires to know the name of the user which is John Smith. However, when it becomes johnsmith1342!?, the level of difficulty would have just been made a whole lot more.

  1. Replace letters with numbers

Most people have an account or two on the web that needs a username and password. For example, you need to have a GoDaddy account to utilize a GoDaddy promo code in building a website. To make good of the GoDaddy promo codes, you can have a strong password by replacing letters with numbers such as I with 1, o with 0, e with 3 and many others. Just make sure you recall the password as you create it.

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