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The choice between a mobile app and a mobile website is a difficult one given that they have very many similarities and a few differences. You can make use of a GoDaddy coupon to make a website for a mobile or build an app.


A mobile website is similar to other types of websites as it has HTML pages all of which can be obtained with a GoDaddy promo code.

On the other hand, mobile applications are installed after being downloaded onto the device and can be found in major App Stores and can download the content to be accessed locally. Mobile apps do not need GoDaddy promo codes to work.

In choosing which one is better, one has to put into consideration issues such as the type of information to be offered. If it is simply sending out information, a GoDaddy coupon would be put to better use by building a website. If on the other hand, one wants to build a game or other item that will require a lot local resources and offline data, an app is the best option as it offers the best of both worlds no matter the device.


-          Immediacy; all devices have a native browser which can easily access the information required. With most mobile websites simply making use of a GoDaddy promo code to be up and running, there is no reason not to be able to build a mobile website.

-          Compatibility; the right GoDaddy promo codes will land you the capability to build a website that will scale to a screen of any type. For this reason, the individual can run a website on whatever device they need which is advantageous to users.

-          Ease of upgrading; mobile websites can be easily upgraded as needed. If the GoDaddy coupon does not have the features one needs, they can upgrade that at a fee that is much lower than upgrading a full desktop website.

-          Ease of being found; while apps restrict users to specific manufacturers and their app stores, websites will make use of a GoDaddy promo code and avail a website on any device no matter what gadget it is running on. This aspect makes it possible for access to various gadgets.

-          Ease of sharing; an app cannot be shared as easily as a mobile website. For example, one cannot send an app to another one, but a GoDaddy promo code makes it possible to build a website and simply share its URL and address through various methods.

-          Reachability; with a GoDaddy coupon, it is easy to build a website focused on mobile devices. For this reason, the website can be shared and reached by many users all across the globe, unlike apps which are for specific platforms.

-          Longevity; the average app spends just 30 days on the devices of the users, and it would be deleted. However, websites that result from the use of a GoDaddy promo code will be updated on a consistent basis and will be used when the need arises.

-          Usability; a mobile website can be used in the same way as an app. Most of the GoDaddy promo codes allow one to build a website which operates in the same way as an app. The Facebook app and mobile web version are almost similar.

-          Save on cost and time; developing an app is no small feat to achieve. Most apps take lots of time and money to build while most mobile websites are free with the creation of the desktop version of the website.

Ease of support; a mobile website is easy to provide support for unlike an app which needs lots of updates which are difficult to roll out due to compatibility issues. A website comes with lots of features which ensure little effort in the way it is supported


-          Gaming; when a game requires to be run on a mobile device, using a web browser seems like a difficult task to pull off. A mobile app, on the other hand, seems like a no-brainer.

-          Regular use; if the services being offered are to be used on a consistent or daily basis, an app will be better as they are better at keeping the progress and the usage stats of the usage for better service for the user.

-          Complex calculations; if the information needed is that which required heavy processing to give out results in the form of infographics or other complex results, an app would be the better choice given that it will be packed with the needed services and will perform the tasks faster.

-          Local Processing; although mobile websites are becoming better at utilizing the resources of the phone to perform complex tasks such as using the GPS, call and camera functions of the phone, the best results would be obtained if the user were using an app.

-          Offline content; if one needs to use offline content, there is no better service than choosing an app.

The choice of which type of service one should go for entirely depends on the service being offered and the audience being targeted by the service.

Why to choose VPS Hosting for your business?

Are you confused on what type of hosting service is suitable for your business? Do you have GoDaddy promo codes for VPS Hosting, but you don’t know if you should use them? Can you choose a basic hosting service and upgrade later? Is a Godaddy coupon useful for upgrades? Don’t worry; we’ll get to it. All these questions and some others you haven’t even formulated will be answeredin this article on why you should choose VPS hosting for your business.

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Let’s start with the basics. A hosting server is a rent of a piece of the server that is always connected to the Internet. Depending on the scheme of hosting you chose you will be given particular space and computing resources for your website. It will depend on how much information you want to load on your page and how many visitors will access simultaneously.


Most beginners’ sites have little information and receive very little visitors. As your business grows, your site will get more traffic and more visitors. You will offer more functionality, and more information will become available. If that is the case and you hosted the most basic plan, it might be time for an upgrade. Use a GoDaddy promo code to upgrade your current hosting service at a discounted price.


There are many types of hosting schemes. The two most popular options for those who want to rent some space on a server connected to the Internet are:

  •       Shared Hosting
  •       VPS Hosting

There is also dedicated hosting, which is the next level. For any of these solutions, you can use a Godaddy coupon to get discounts up to 60% for your hosting services.


Shared hosting is the most basic option. You rent space on a virtual server, which you share with other users. The advantages are:

  • It is the least expensive option. Perfect for sites with little traffic.

There are various disadvantages for the shared hosting scheme, most of them associated with the other users with which you are sharing the server:

  • If some other’s traffic grows, you will experience a small performance.
  • The other users can compromise security at the server level.
  • You can only use it for the application(s) included to host your webpage.

There is a GoDaddy promo code to get shared hosting if that is what you are looking for.


VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. As the name implies, it is a server farm where they assign resources through the creation of Virtual Machines or Servers. Those servers on a VPS hosting scheme are rented to a single client. Depending on the package the customer bought, he will receive different resources that will determine the overall performance of their website.


The only disadvantage is the higher price compared to a shared hosting. However, it pays off since the benefits are many:

  • Disk space.
  • Get better price with GoDaddy promo codes
  • Reserved bandwidth just for you.
  • Scalable solution.
  • You can install any software (compatible with the given OS).
  • Your individual Operating System (OS)
  • You can reboot your server when you need it.
  • It can be a dedicated server for any application you might need.

The virtual space works as a dedicated hosting. It is not as expensive because you are sharing various servers with others (the physical server), but just paying for the resources you need.


A dedicated hosting has all the benefits of a VPS Hosting, except for one, which is the main disadvantage of it: it is expensive.


The difference lies in the architecture, which for dedicated hosting relies on more traditional physical servers than on a virtual environment. Even with a GoDaddy promo code, it is not always suitable to get a dedicated hosting because there are other expenses you need to consider.


Compared to a shared hosting, you get better control of the environment. It also poses less technical responsibility than in dedicated web hosting. Maintenance is less and therefore you don’t need a skillful tech department to operate it.


It is perfect for those companies who need a server but cannot invest in the hardware and technical expertise to run a dedicated server. With a Godaddy coupon,the investment will be even less.


When your business grows and demands more computing power and control, you might need to upgrade to VPS. Here are some of the most common reasons to choose VPS Hosting services:

  • If you are expecting(or already have)peaks of trafficat certain times of the day or year.
  • To tighten your security (to work with confidential information, for example).
  • When your headcount significantly raises (more emails).
  • If you want to host multiple applications (like sites, blogs, etc.)

GoDaddy promo codes are valid for VPS Hosting too, so you can also save some money.


Yes, you can get a basic hosting service and upgrade later. A GoDaddy promo code or a Godaddy coupon is suitable for upgrades too. The advantage is that the computing power is already available at the site’s provider, and you just have to upgrade your account to get more of it.


To migrate from a shared hosting scheme to a VPS hosting is also possible with GoDaddy promo codes.

5 Crucial Security Features to Protect Your Website Today

Malware is now spreading through the Internet. Innocent sites get targeted by hackers to distribute their malicious code. Nobody is protected since they continuously look for vulnerabilities to get into the weakest sites. Security can be improved. There are now several precautionary measures you can take to keep hackers away from your webpage. But as there are more features added, it becomes more costly. We will explore 5 crucial security features to protect your website today. In the meantime, we will also suggest how to use Godaddy coupons to get some of them at an affordable price. By using a Godaddy Coupon code, you can easily save money while you keep your website secure .Malware is now spreading through the Internet. Innocent sites get targeted by hackers to distribute their malicious code. Nobody is protected since they continuously look for vulnerabilities to get into the weakest sites. Security can be improved. There are now several precautionary measures you can take to keep hackers away from your webpage. But as there are more features added, it becomes more costly. We will explore 5 crucial security features to protect your website today. In the meantime, we will also suggest how to use Godaddy coupons to get some of them at an affordable price. By using a Godaddy Coupon code, you can easily save money while you keep your website secure.

Godaddy ssl coupon

                        SECURE SOCKET LAYER (SSL)

 A Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is needed to authenticate your site and secure online transactions. This ensures that unwanted eyes are not picking on information they should not be watching. Different vendors offer different promotions for SSL security. For example, using a Godaddy Coupon code you can save up to 30%. That may vary depends on the current promotion at the time of purchase.


Besides using Godaddy coupons, more savings can be obtained by buying packages to protect all subdomains. That depends on your specific needs. Once you have configured your SSL service, you can test it with an online tool.


No matter what plan you take or if you are using or not a Godaddy Coupon Code, SSL will cover secure payments, customer data, and liability protection. It is compatible with all browsers and includes SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption. You can use a single certificate to cover any number of servers in all hosted accounts. There is 24/7 support, so if there is any problem, there is a technical team to back you up.

Google and other search engines rank sites better if they are SSL secured. You can get additional promotion and visitors by ranking better just by having a better and more reliable service in place.


The secure code includes some features to prevent attackers reach our websites. They are preventive measures that should be handled by the programmer. Here we will address some of them:

  • ·         Beware of SQL injection
  • ·         Write generic error messages

SQL injection attacks is a simple measure experienced programmers use automatically. It has to do with the syntaxes of the interchanged information. By always using parameterized queries, you can prevent hackers from changing tables and getting or deleting information on the database.


Generic error messages, especially for password signing pages, will create uncertainty about what is the wrong information when the message appears. This will prevent hackers from focusing on one field, and therefore lowering probabilities of a successful attack.


The SiteLock concept is similar to what the antivirus program does with your personal computer. Hackers are kept out of the site by continuously scanning your code to find malware or any other potentially harmful code.


Hosting  companies offer different packages. When you use Godaddy coupons or with an annual subscription you can save between 15% up to 50% depending on the current promotion and price list.


A basic package to get SiteLock Website Security can handle typically around 20 pages, with a daily scan. Vulnerabilities in the code are only supported by most vendors once a year or they are sold as an additional service. Godaddy offers a single vulnerability scan per year. Search engines are addressed to monitor blacklists. When malware is detected, it is automatically removed from higher security packages. And a complete solution will also include monitoring file changes and an ongoing vulnerability scan.

Godaddy SSL Coupon


Weak passwords are one of the most common security breaches even today. There have been active campaigns held by vendors and companies to overcome this problem.


A weak password can be a security issue on many levels. Having a strong password on your server and the administrative section of your website is critical. Nevertheless, if you have an account system embedded on your page, users should also hold a strong password, and that is much harder to achieve.


An average user will not enjoy having to adhere to a set of rules most sites have put in place to write secure passwords. The most common measures are to include at least an uppercase and a lowercase letter plus a number, with a minimum letter count of eight or more characters.


When it comes to programming, passwords always need to be kept encrypted. Using SHA is preferred. To use a new salt per password will add additional security. The most common way of deciphering a strong password when it is encrypted is to use brute force. That means the attacker will try every possible combination. When you are using salted passwords, then the process of trying all of them is nearly impossible. There are other padlocks you can use to prevent a brute force attack, like raising flags and blocking users once they have reached a certain number of attempts.


Nevertheless, all these preventive measures on the code and site settings cannot overcome a weak password on the user side. There is no Godaddy Coupon code that can educate users.


If you want to share documents through your website, then it is important that you include code signing certificates to your page. This way, users can trust your site and downloads. The verification of the code signing certificate is a warranty for end-users that the downloaded content is not coming from a hacker.


It works as a digital signature inside the code before distribution. The signature gets violated if somebody changes the code, and therefore works as a seal to keep it unchanged. The main benefits of having a program signed include:

  • ·         Software publisher’s integrity is protected.
  • ·         Publisher's identity verification.
  • ·         Trusted sales of digital content.
  • ·         Customer confidence is improved.
  • ·         Assures content is authentic.
  • ·         Gets software downloads secured.
  • ·         Tampering protection.

You can get a Godaddy Coupon code to get access to code signing certificates at an affordable price. If your site is meant to download information, make it a secure place for your customers using Godaddy coupons.

Find Out the Most Expensive Domain Names of All Time

In the present day due to the development of the technology and due to the new ideas, many business opportunities have emerged in the world. People try new things and they implement new strategies to develop their business to deliver a better service to their customers and mainly to make more profits. When it comes to present day businesses, there are some common methods followed by most of the businessmen to build their reputation and to expand their business. One of the most important things of those methods is, owning a domain name. How much important to have a premium domain name registered under your name? How much of money people spend to purchase a premium domain name? Have you ever thought about these facts? If you have, you might have an idea about the importance and value of a domain name. But for those who have not, have no idea they can’t imagine how much of money people spend for these domain names. To have a glimpse about the value of domain names let’s look in to Top 9 Most Expensive Domain Names of All Time.
  • The 9th most expensive domain name of all time is This domain name was sold for 15 million dollars ($15,000,000) in 2008.
  • is of those domain names which people competed so hard to purchase. Finally it was sold for 16 million dollars ($16,000,000) in 2009. It is the 8th most expensive domain name of all time
  • is the 7th in the list of most expensive domain names of all time. This was sold for 17 million dollars ($17,000,000) in the last year (2015).
  • was sold for 18 million dollars ($18,000,000) in 2009 and it is the 6th most expensive domain name of all time.
  • is the 5th most expensive domain name. This domain name was sold for 30.18 million dollars ($30,180,000) in 2012.
  • This domain name was sold for 35 million dollars ($35,000,000) in 2007 and it is in the 4th position.
  • is in the 3rd place in the list of most expensive domain names of all time with a value of 35.6 million dollars ($35,600,000).
  • is the 2nd most expensive domain name of all time. It was sold for 49.7 million dollars ($49,700,000).
  • tops the list of most expensive domain names of all time. This domain name was sold for 90 million dollars ($90,000,000).
Now you should get an idea about the value of domain names. When it comes to purchasing a domain name, there are so many places where you can buy one. is one place where you can purchase a domain name. Godaddy has able to become the favorites of most of the people due to their services to their customers. They offer various promo codes and coupons to get discounts on your purchases. Godaddy renewal coupon and Godaddy promo code are two of their services to their customers. By using Godaddy renewal coupon and Godaddy promo code you have the chance to get a considerable discount on your Godaddy purchases. We, in offer you various kinds of Godaddy promo codes and coupons which will be useful in your purchases. When it comes to the services offered by, there are so many offers like Godaddy promo code, Godaddy renewal promo code, Godaddy coupon, Godaddy renewal coupon and lot more. So you also can come and enjoy our offers.

Facts you need to consider when choosing a web host

It is extremely important for the modern world website owners to get hold of a reliable hosting service provider. It can assist them to deliver the best possible user experience to visitors and to ensure search engine rankings. Here are some useful facts that you need to consider when looking for the best web host service provider.

If you are looking for a hosting plan at a reasonable price tag, you can think about selecting a shared hosting plan. In here, you will be sharing resources with some other websites. You can move on to a dedicated server when your business grows along with time. However, a shared hosting plan would be an ideal option available for a startup. When you purchase a hosting plan, you need to think about disk space and bandwidth as well. It would be better to look for a hosting company that allows you to upgrade the disk space or bandwidth without any hassle. That’s because you will need additional storage space when your business develops.

The hosting service provider you select would offer different plans and it is up to you to select the best one out of them based on your specific needs and requirements. In fact, you need to go through all the available plans and figure out what matches with your needs. Last but not least, you need to look for a hosting company that offers an excellent customer support service. You will run into issues when hosting your website and you need to resolve them as quickly as possible. If the hosting company offers an excellent customer support service, you can get in touch with them and get all the issues clarified within a short period of time.

If you are looking for a hosting service provider with all the above mentioned qualities, Godaddy would be one of the best options available to consider. The best thing about Godaddy is the Godaddy coupon code. If you get hold of a Godaddy renewal coupon, you will be able to save a lot of money while purchasing the hosting plan. In fact, you will be able to save about 50% of hosting fee from ultimate, economy and deluxe packages offered by them. In addition to the hosting discount, you will be able to order different items they offer a lower price tag and all you need to do is to get hold of the right Godaddy coupon code.

Applying the discount through a Godaddy renewal coupon is a straightforward process. Once you go to the checkout page, you will be able to see an option, where you need to enter the coupon code. You just need to paste the coupon code in there and the promotion will be applied instantly. It is easy to look for Godaddy renewal codes easily as well and you will be able to get hold of a coupon with a simple search on the Internet.

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